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    On March 7th,  Prof. Lo, Prof. Chang, and Prof. Wang led IMBA students to visit Mushroom Farm in Xinshe for the experience in the ecological cycle and regeneration of mushrooms.  This activity not only integrated the concepts of the "Non-Profit Organization Management" course by providing an on-site visit to a non-profit organization aimed at sustainable development, thereby enabling students to understand the role and impact of non-profit organizations in the society and economy; it also integrates the core ideas of "Human Resource Management" through hands-on experience, where students learned how to manage and motivate employees, as well as discover teamwork and leadership skills in practice. At the same time, the activity was aligned with the "Business Research Methods" course, integrated students a practical research opportunity to apply the research methods learned in class to observe, record, and analyze the process of mushroom ecological cycle regeneration, thereby deepening their understanding of the application of business research methods. This learning activity not only enriched the students' academic knowledge but also enhanced their problem-solving practical problems skills, making it a profoundly meaningful learning experience.