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Prof. Yeh graduated from the Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation (PhD), University of Edinburgh. She has been teaching IMBA and EMBA since February 2022.

Her main research interests are sociology of science, science and technology policy, cultural anthropology, and innovation studies. Before joining NTCU, she was an adjunct assistant professor at National Tsinghua University and Chung Yuan University. Also, she was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica (2019-20), a teaching assistant at the University of Edinburgh (2015-17), and a project manager of Health National Contact Point of the EU Research Framework Program (2011-13).


Her expertise combines international business management, sociology, as well as science, technology and innovation studies. She aims to provide a more in-depth social context of emerging technologies and their risk analysis, a more user-experience perspective of digital services and innovation design thinking, a more cultural and behavioural approach to knowledge management.


Prof. Yeh's office is located at R730 of Yingcai Building. Her on-campus extension number is 8176.


Office Hours: Tue.-Thu. 12~1pm; Wed. 5-6pm (by appointment)