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Dr. Chang’s research interests can be generally described as big data analysis, healthcare management, statistical analysis and machine learning. He received his PhD in Biostatistics from National Taiwan University. Following graduation, he accomplished postdoctoral researcher at National Taiwan University and next to Health Promotion Administration (HPA). Later he worked as a research fellow at Changhua Christian Hospital. Dr. Chang focus on statistical analysis applied to large sample size data from the nationwide database, which has involved in One Million Taiwanese Screening Program and also has published research papers in numerous scientific journals. Dr. Chang’s duties included Institutional Research (IR) and Educational Data Mining (EDM) to support evidence-based policymaking at National Taichung University of Education, he also provides data modeling design assistance for the Institutional Research databases development. 

The EMBA and IMBA courses that Dr. Chang will conduct include big data application, data visualization, qualitative and quantitative analysis, statistics and data analysis. He is very knowledgeable about statistical method. Dr. Chang is eager to expand cross-disciplinary interactions to expand the research topics of data analysis applications in the field of management. He is nice to get along with students and often helped them during out of class time with explained problem in a very understandable way. He is willing to accept different points of view and any further discussion is welcome.

Dr. Chang’s office is located at R714, YingChia building.

office phone: #3359

office hour: Thu. & Wed. 10:00~12:00 (Please email to book appointments)