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General Notices for First-Year Graduate Students

  • Fill out Basic Information Sheet to help IMBA office in the buildup of student directory.

  • Besides the libraries in the main campus and Yingcai campus, students may study at R503a or R503b if the rooms not occupied (ask IMBA office before the usage).

  • Students must request for a leave to your lecturer if unable to attend class.

  • Students must turn off all electronic devices including lights and air conditioner, also lock all doors and windows and return the room key to IMBA office after finished the classes.

  • Free to ask IMBA office for assistance in selecting your courses.

  • Enforcement Guidelines on Scholarships and Grant

     1. The Enforcement Guidelines are enacted pursuant to the Enforcement Regulations for Scholarship & Grants to Postgraduates of National Taichung University of Education. It is objected to award program students who are attentive and meritorious.

    2. On account of scholarship & grants should only be applied once a semester when students complete the first semester after enrollment. Students should fill out the application form within two weeks after semester begins. Program director along and class advisor will review the application and send to the principal for approval. Remarkably, scholarship and grant are issued monthly.

    3. Postgraduate awards are categorized into scholarships and grants. Postgraduates are allowed to receive both.

    A. Scholarships are a kind of reward given to students who are excellent in academic fields, thus are not labor remuneration.

    B. Grants can be categorized into Student Assistants and Employed Assistants.


For more informaiton regarding the studying, please see the attached IMBA Brochure(Download▼)

2019 IMBA Brochure

2020 IMBA Brochure

2021 IMBA Brochure

2022 IMBA Brochure

2023 IMBA Brochure